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My favorite color is Twinkle
Red Bauble

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Welcome to Fairytale Lighting. This site is dedicated to those who share a passion for holidays, events and most notably, soft twinkle lights. Here at Fairytale Lighting we are obsessed with all things whimsical, inspirational and motivating. 

How I started selling lights...

My passion for interior design and decorating has never manifested itself more than during the holidays. Every Christmas, I searched for the perfect twinkle lights. I knew they needed to twinkle very slowly to give them that magical feel.  The lights I found in the marketplace were never quite right.  They would either twinkle too fast or too slow.  Never really capturing the feeling that I wanted them to. The tone of the lights is just as important for setting the mood for the season.  Warm white lights need to actually be a warm white color, similar to incandescent bulbs, while still being cost-effective and low voltage LED's  (most LED lights tend to be a cool white despite their promise to be a warm white color).

I spent countless hours frantically scanning websites, blogs, social media and Facebook groups looking for my perfect lights.  I ordered several lights from multiple website, and even came close once, but ultimately found myself disappointed by the color, size or performance of the string lights I found. I knew there were others like me who were searching for the perfect twinkle lights, so I put my thinking cap on, made a wish list and designed what I considered to be "Fairytale lights." Our Slow-Twinkle Lights offer a combination of light quality, twinkle performance, color accuracy and availability that is unmatched among competitors lights. 

Become part of making your own magical scene with my Fairytale Lights by adding an extra twinkle to your next special occasion.


Fairytale Lighting

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