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Christmas Decorating

Updated: May 17, 2021

It's always exciting when the Christmas lights go on in town for the first time – and it should be no different at home. Twinkling lights form the backbone of any decent festive display, creating a cosy, homely ambience when the evenings start to draw in and staying in starts to feel much more appealing.

Every holiday season, people are concerned about decorating their houses with indoor Christmas lights. They lose their minds as they dress and drape every gutter, window, and roof tile with holiday ornaments.

These houses end up being an exquisite vision and spectators assume that the magic is carried throughout the home’s interior. But have you ever stepped inside a contest-winning house and looked around? Usually, theres not much to write home about. Aside from a Christmas tree, all the Christmas lights are dedicated to the exterior of their home. Let's plan to plan for this year :)

Here are some creative interior decoration ideas that you can accomplish with nothing more than indoor Christmas lights.

Indoor Christmas Lights and Getting It Right the First Time!

A Quick Warning: We suggest that all of your indoor Christmas lights be LED (light-emitting diode) lights. Not only do LED lights use less energy and result in lower bills, but they also create very little heat and minimize the risk of overheating your outlets.

Transform Your Bead Curtain to a Lights Curtain: Bead curtains are commonly used to create walls doors blocking off space. They can be used for small areas, like your closet or washing room, or they can replace your bedroom door entirely. If you have any bead curtains in your, consider replacing it with an indoor Christmas lights curtain. Simply put together different strands of lights so they fill the width of the doorway. Divide your living space not by walls, but by relaxing beams.

Bordered Ceiling: You can give a hint of magic to your entire room by using this method. This is very much like hanging up lights on the outside of your house. All you need to do is apply some small nails to each ceiling corner of your room. Drape lights across these nails so the ceiling of your room is bordered. Plug in the lights and you’ll see your room has been eclipsed by a new shade.

When bordering walls, I like to choose a relaxing color that I could fall asleep to.

Dressed Floor Molds: You can apply the same basic idea from the bordered ceiling to your floor by resting lights across the molding at the bottom of the walls (nails not recommended or necessary). Where the bordered walls serve best in a room where people sit or lay down, the dressed floor molds do well in a hallway. Hallways usually have very little furniture or obstacles to hide away the full light’s pattern. If you were to put the dressed floor molds in your living room or bedroom, it wouldn’t be as noticeable due to the bed, furniture, and entertainment systems that take up all that lower wall space.

Windows: By draping them either across your windowsill or around the actual window from inside, you are decorating the interior of your house while emitting some extra glow that can be seen from the street.

Plants and Trees: You can either use standard green LED lights to enhance the green leaves, or you can buy specialty glowing ornaments.

Mason Jar Candle Effect: There is a light that never goes out, and it looks a lot like a candle. Wherever you place candles in your home, you can now replace them by stuffing a few lights inside of an opaque mason jar to create a lighted effect. Put three or four empty mason jars next to each other and spread light strands equally between each one. Put these candles near an outlet switch so the rest of the light isn’t obviously dragging across the room.

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