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Fairy light decorating ideas in your home

Updated: May 17, 2021

Create your own twinkle town by displaying fairy lights all year round


String lights aren’t just for Christmas. Used in the right way, they can provide pretty lighting through your home without looking overtly festive or childish. Our fairy light ideas cover every room. As you’d expect, we have plenty of inspiration for kids’ bedrooms, but there are also some pretty ways to illuminate kitchens, hallways and even grown-up living rooms.

Living room lighting ideas – improve the light and set the right mood for relaxing

We’ve got them wrapped round our bedposts, laced over table tops and wound up the stair banister. Keep reading to see the many alternative ways there are to display fairy lights.

1. Fake a real fire

Real fires might add a lovely glow to a room, but there are many reasons why they are impractical. Maybe you don’t have a flue and installing one will be problematic/just plain expensive? Or perhaps you have pets or young children and don’t want to expose them to actual flickering flames.

2. Create instant task lighting in a kitchen

Good kitchen lighting can set you back hundreds, so if you’re looking for a quick retrofit option that sheds light on your worktop, try fairy lights. String the under a shelf or wall cabinets to provide some handy extra illumination for chopping and other food prep. Or to create a little ambiance after dinner is served.

3. Highlight a motif

Make a feature of furniture

Want people to pay more attention to a favourite heirloom or new upcycling project? Drape fairy lights over the top to put your furniture in the spotlight.

Rest lights on your headboard

Display on your table

Snake fairy lights across the table instead of using candles if you’ve got children around or a particularly busy table. You can even style them in different colours to match your table scheme.

Trail lights through the trees

Fairy lights can turn overhanging foliage into a magical canopy. Just look :)

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